Monday, February 08, 2010

Peter Kreeft - 'Critical Thinking for Christians' sent out an email pointing to this lates entry into their library.

One of my favorite authors, Philosophy Professor Peter Kreeft has put this together. Everyone should read it.

Critical Thinking for Christians
I have been asked to write about the importance of critical thinking, and I’m sure Envoy’s editor meant me to talk about critical thinking not just as an academic exercise or professional game but as a divinely designed tool for ordering our thoughts, our actions, our world, and our task of being working organs in Christ’s Body, His hands and feet for building His Kingdom, His empire – in other words for our jihad, our holy spiritual war.

I think we need to know seven things about ‘critical thinking’:

First, what is it?

Second, where does it ultimately come from? How is it God’s gift?
Third, how should it order our thoughts?
Fourth, how should it order our actions?
Fifth, how should it order our world?
Sixth, how should it order our spiritual warfare?
And finally, how will it order our Heavenly victory and peace after this warfare is accomplished?

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