Monday, February 08, 2010

'Creation' - Charles Darwin, the Movie

I read this movie review over the weekend, about a new movie release in Europe. The movie is entitled 'Creation' and it centers around the life of Charles Darwin.

Though the movie has not found a distributor here in the States, I found the comments at the end of the article most interesting. The movie is deemed very controversial and no doubt can be seen in the post at the end of the article.

The exchange of ideas of those supporting the movie's views and opposing them is very educational.

Have a read...

'Creation' Movie review by James Bowman
It will come as no news to readers of The American Spectator that science is now no longer just science but has become a religion-substitute for a large number of Americans. This faith, perhaps, claims even a majority of those in some other liberal democracies of the West. And if science, and its political arm, environmentalism, is the new religion, Charles Darwin is its Christ figure, despised and rejected of (theist) men and persecuted for the Truth he sought to bring to set men free of their inherited chains. These are not the bonds of sin and death but of the superstition and ignorance which supposes the world to have had any Creator at all or any Redeemer other than Darwin himself. That is what we mean by myth: a story that explains the world, whether or not the story happens to be true, and the Darwinist myth now comes closer to an explanation that people are prepared to accept than any other since the Redemptive history in the Christian interpretation of the Bible.

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