Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shooting ourselves in the foot...for political reasons

Senators say CIA program secrecy wrong

Senators on both sides of the aisle on Sunday said lawmakers should have been briefed about a sensitive national security program that reportedly was concealed for eight years, but Republicans warned that continued scrutiny could undermine the U.S. war effort...

...An intelligence official told The Times that it was a "special access program" - so secret that even officers with the highest intelligence clearances do not know about them and their access is reserved for only the most senior officials and officers working directly on the activities.
Mrs. Feinstein said congressional intelligence panels should have been briefed on the program's existence so that lawmakers could have vetted it.


When I hear stories like this, I wonder to myself how can we be so naive to think that exposing your nations national secrets, how we protect ourselves, the means, methods and processes for political gain among certain political parties is not in anyway being witnessed by those in the world that will use that information against us... I get so frustrated.

It's like a friend or family member yelling out the combination to the house garage lock code to you as you drive off.

I once heard someone on their cellphone give the person on the line their ATM card code while standing in line at the bank.

..heavy sigh

Hello, McFly... think McFly, think.

Yet here we have the infamous NYTimes and fellow Congress men and women telling all the world everything under the sun about our national security... for political gain.

The CIA is the target. Lots to ge cleaned up there, it is true, but at what price? And lets be honest it's all to protect Nancy Pelosi of course.

Nothing like having a leader like CIA Director Leon Penetta sell his own department out. These CIA guys are putting their lives on the line. Wasn't it a CIA operative one of the first to be killed in the Iraq war.

...another heavy sigh

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