Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Health Care - The Skiny on the 45 Million Un-insured

Health Care numbers are flying all over the place. One can go crazy trying to run down the sources to back up those number claims.

We've all heard the "45 Million Un-insured" number, well about 45 million times.

Where does that number come from?

Here's an article that might help

Don't Be Fooled by Obama's '45 Million' Uninsured

There's that number again: 45 million.

That's supposedly the number of people in America who don't have health insurance. How do I know that? Well, for one, President Obama's said it, like, 45 million times.

Democrats also love to say it. Michael Moore quoted it in his last movie, "SICKO" which in hindsight may as well have been a commercial for Obama-care.

Enter "45 mil" into the Google search bar, and before you're even done typing it will fill out the rest for you: "45 million uninsured." Finish typing in the search term and Google will bring up 147,000 results. The figure is quite literally everywhere. And now it's being used by the Obama administration to convince average Americans of two things: the uninsured represent a sizeable group in America; and Obama's plan will make health care more affordable and accessible to everyone, especially those 45 million.

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