Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heart Concert

Spent the day yesterday at the Orange County Fair. After, around 7:30pm, we headed to the Pacific Amphitheater for the Heart Concert. The crowd was great.

We ended up standing for a number of performances. If you didn't stand you couldn't see. The band was solid, and so were the vocals, though some of the higher notes were a little out of range, but want can you expect after 30 some years. Still the performance was electrifying.

On a second note, the opening act deserves to be mentioned as well.

Michael Grimm performed about 45 minutes with just his outstanding vocals and his acoustic guitar. He usually performs in Vegas and Henderson Nevada. This is the first I've heard of him and I was impressed.

Here's a sample of his music. He writes his own music but this older music clip shows his style:

Michael Grimm Website

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