Saturday, January 26, 2008

Marijuana ...From a Vending Machine

Marijuana Vending Machine

Like buying a can of Coca Cola...wild cherry! So it has been described.

The first Marijuana (excuss me.. Cannabis) vending machine in the nation and for that matter the rest of the world for all I know. Wow, something for Los Angeles to be proud of.


Hey why not a vending machine for Viagra ... already in the planning stages so the video claims. If you're going that far, why not Zanax, Condoms, bullets, you name it.

Now so far this is only at one location in Los Angeles...and I'm not telling you where, but there are plans for other locations, which will encourage other types of products I'm sure. This location says that the distribution of this product is very controlled. You get finger printed, a special access card, and a guard will be present.

Oh, and you have to have a prescription. Which sounds to me like you can get for almost any ailment. The video sounds like getting the prescription is the least of your worries. And hey, if worry is what you do, you can probably get a prescription for that too.

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