Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is McCain Pro Life?

I'm still undecided on whom I should support for the President. So I'm still gathering facts.

I think my list of who I'm definitely not going to vote for is longer than my list of possible candidates to vote for.

I know that voting Pro-Life is definitely at the top of my list. All the other very important issues are stacked after that.

I've been wondering how McCain's voting record is on Abortion and Stem Cell. Now I'm not claiming to be a McCain supporter... as I said I'm still gathering facts. But I'm finding out that McCain may not be as Pro-life as he claims to be ( any candidate?).

Anyways here's the info...

Vox Nova (vote for Stem Cell Research)


  1. The following quote is from the Catholic former PA Senator Rick Santorum:

    "... on the issue of, on social conservative issues, you point to me one time John McCain ever took the floor of the United States Senate to talk about a social conservative issue. It never happened. I mean, this is a guy who says he believes in these things, but I can tell you, inside the room, when we were in these meetings, there was nobody who fought harder not to have these votes before the United States Senate on some of the most important social conservative issues, whether it’s marriage or abortion or the like. He always fought against us to even bring them up, because he was uncomfortable voting for them."

  2. ...good point. Why he's at the front of the pack I don't know.

    Like I said I'm still undecided but I get a little uneasy when the other party is rooting for him.

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