Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Lot's to look forward to this year. The obvious Election Year is officially here. I plan on posting some thoughts, especially since I live here on what has been called the "Left Coast"

I like to refer to it as the "Front Lines". I will lean more towards my Catholic beliefs in my election thoughts...feel free to chime in.

I'm definitely not a know-it-all. However, everyone should have an opinion and one should not be afraid to voice it.

Also, lot's happening in the Church and B16 is leading the way.

Let's see... Here in So Cal.... the first rains of the year should be showing up today or tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to my work commute, but the weekend is almost here.

I missed the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit down in San Diego. Wouldn't you know it, I had a week off from work during Christmas and most of it I was sicker than dog. I didn't get sick all year and the first break I end up at Urgent Care. At least I was able to get some rest.

This is year two for the West Coast Catholic blog... I'm looking forward to posting and hopefully many more 'Comments' from you.

WestCoastCatholic +<><

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. T

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