Friday, December 14, 2007

B16 Global Warming: Quick Note

I read the speech transcript of B16's New Years talk: For the Celebration of the World of Peace.

Yes, it mentions a paragraph or two about the environment. In the two paragraphs he states some very important points about being lead astray by those with an ideological design agenda, using scare tactics etc...

He states the importance of stewardship and how we must take care of the earth and it's resources.But, I hope that's not the only message that gets taken from this speech. It seem to be the focus of the MSM (Main Stream Media).

There is the important message of the family. The family at the Cell level ( the family at home, Mom, Dad, Children) to the family of the Community, to the family of the Nation, to the Global family and how the all interconnect.

That's the true message of the speech and one that I hope doesn't get missed.

I admit that the Global Warming aspect was the reason I initially read it. And it may be the reason most will attempt to peruse the transcript. But please don't skip over the other paragraphs just to see what B16 thinks of Gore's truth.

Read the entire piece in it's total context. The message is beautiful.

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