Saturday, December 01, 2007

B16 Encyclial: Atheism, Modernism

I've been hearing report after report of the about Holiday Tree vs. Christmas Tree or crosses along the highway to honor fallen police officers or soldiers should be eliminated because the symbol of the cross is offensive to some.

I visit the local bookstores frequently and notice the titles of various books like 'The God delusion', 'What so great about God' or movies like 'The Golden Compass'.

Mmmmm, is it just me or is something going on here with anti-Christianity?

Well, the Pope has responded with his new Encyclical "Spe Salvi" on the theme of Christian Hope.

He addresses the influences of Atheism in our world today.

Encyclical: SPE SALVI (Saved by Hope)

A couple of articles:
Pope Criticizes Atheism in Encyclical

Excerpts from Pope's new encyclical Spe Salvi

Some Analysis:
John Allen

Catholic Online

Catholic Analysis Blog

Also, I'm reading a book by Dinesh D'Souza "What's so great about Christianity", worth noting which addresses the topic of Christians and Atheism.

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