Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wassup! Tribe

(Photo: CNN)
Yesterday's Democrat debate was labeled as the Youtube crowd, the 'you and I' crowd the "Wassup!" tribe.

Because the questions were take from the YouTube website (and selected by CNN), this was suppose to reflect the America public getting involved. The real people. Today's voters asking the questions instead of the media.

Well, trying not to sound too cynical, I don't buy it. I don't consider myself part of the YouTube crowd.

Do I visit the site occasionally? Yes I do. Do I consider youtube the main stream people of America?

No, I do not.

It might be cool to say that you are, but is that what it's all about? Being cool?

That's what I feel that this approach to tonight's debates represented. If you don't consider yourself apart of this CNN/YouTube club you are not part of the real people.

How about looking at the real issues of Abortion, Marriage between a man and a woman, yes health care and the war & environment, but also immigration, poverty, education and euthanasia?

While some of the questions where asked on these issues ( a gay couple, a gun toting guy, a snowman) it all seemed like a show. The Candidates did their usual song and dance routine around the questions. And it seemed it came down to whose personality did you like best?

The next President shouldn't be about personality. It should be about real issues. And for me the next President should reflect my Catholic beliefs, whether they may be cool or not. How the next Pres. is going to handle some real hard issues.

I'm still undecided myself and I'm NOT looking specifically at any 'one' party.

So I'll continue to hear all sides...
P.S.> I expect the local talk shows (TV & Radio) to mimic this format in the day's to come.... after all... it's cool.

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