Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seeing Stars - Lohan DUI

Looks like L.A. is in the news again by way of Lindsay Lohan.

Another DUI arrest and the sad story continues. Being a father of 2 young Ladies of Lindsay's age ( and a teen Son), this story rather makes me sad.

To see a young talented (some would debate this) life, with all the benefits of celebrity, slowly go down the tubes is a sad thing indeed. So much to live for and at 21 yrs it seems she has no guidance in her life.

With Mom & Dad missing in action and her inner circle on her payroll, the picture doesn't look promising. You'd think maybe her buddy Paris would give her a ring and tell her " the food in jail stinks!"... or something like that.

Alas while I anticipate many will be chanting "Jail, Jail, Jail" I'm going to devote some serious pray for her.

So young.... :-(

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