Monday, July 30, 2007

Amnesty International takes a left turn....

Looks like Amnesty International is standing by it's decision to back the Pro- Abortion cause. At one time they had the support of the Catholic Church, however I don't think that will continue to happen in light of this development.

A. I. has been critical of the Catholic Church's plea to the organization to support life.

In fact, Amnesty's deputy secretary-general, Kate Gilmore, has angrily accused the Catholic Church of misstating the facts.

"We have the dirt under the nail and the blood and pain of the people that we are responding to. The Catholic Church, through a misrepresented account of our position on selective aspects of abortion, is placing in peril work on human rights."

Gilmore said Amnesty defends the right of the Church to address moral beliefs, but "our purpose invokes the law and the state, not God. It means that sometimes the secular framework of human rights that Amnesty upholds will converge neatly with the standpoint of certain faith-based communities; sometimes it will not."

Those who donate to this organization will have to decide for themselves whether they will continue to do so.

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