Friday, July 19, 2013

Skittles and Ice Tea.....and Cough Surup

The concoctions that kids are putting together to made drugs is, well mind boggling.

I was totally unaware of the mixture of these off the shelf items to make something called "Purple Drank or Syrup, or Lean" among other names.

Where is the innocence once associated with our youth?

Trayvon Martin was referred to as an innocent black child with skittles and ice tea. While I don't know if Trayvon was using this "Purple Drank", nothing has surfaced from the medical examiner's office to point to it being in his system, I believe it may need to be looked at.

Anyway here's an article that outlines what this poison is about.

Let's keep our kids away from this and other drugs....lets be better parents. Let's keep God on our families

Skittles & Ice Tea/Cough Syrup - Purple Drank    


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