Monday, February 18, 2013

The New Pope Analysis - Enough Already!

You know , sometimes I'm about ready to throw a shoe at the TV screen, with all the experts analysis.  Priest X and Monsignor Y and News Correspondent Z and Journalist so-and-so says the next pope should be more politician or the next pope should be more liberal or conservative or younger or older or more receptive toward change in church teaching...etc....etc...etc..

Okay, it's interesting to a point then, I hear the secular end of it and it's like the presidential elections again.

I haven't heard the fact from anyone's lips on the news channels whether from clergy or journalist that the Holy Spirit is guiding this whole event and that's the only opinion that counts.

I see more and more scrutinizing of Pope Benedict's health...he has a pace maker...he is blind in one eye, and my heart goes out to him. We should keep in our daily prayers.

One of my thoughts is "if the Catholic Church is so irrelevant, why so much attention?" I mean, when was the last time you heard of the who will be the next leader of Calvary Chapel or whatever church. In one breath the argument is that the Roman Catholic Church is meaningless, irrelevant, out of touch. "They need to change"

I have to laugh to myself...  

Keep calm, the Holy Spirit is in charge. We are in good hands... 

Fr. Mitch Pacwa has a good episode on 'The Threshold of Hope" program on EWTN that addresses the things that Pope Benedict can and can not do.

Here's the link, have a view  

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