Friday, February 03, 2012

Sometimes Evil Seems To Prevail....

Can't tell you how disappointed I am about Komen's decision to give money to Planned Parenthood. Many people are. I even heard that a number of Congressmen signed a letter addressed to Komen's to pressure them to return funds that they, Komen voluntarily gave but took away from PP.

Shameful. PP's primary efforts are for abortions.not women's health care.

While it's Komen's money, that money is gathered through donations for Breast Cancer research not to give for Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda.

We can't give up the fight even if decisions like this one let us down.

Here's the sad decision.

Susan G. Komen Foundation Reverses Stance on Cutting Funding for Planned Parenthood 

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity has reversed its decision to halt funding of breast-screening grants to Planned Parenthood, the organization announced Friday.

In a statement, Komen for the Cure Founder and CEO Nancy Brinker apologized for “recent decisions” and said the organization would continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

But wait...UPDATE
Maybe Komen didn't change their minds

Tito has the story:

Susan G. Komen Foundation Did Not Reverse Course, But It’s an Epic P.R. Disaster on Their Part 

The American Papist and Steven D. Greydanus agree with me on this one.
Look at it from Komen’s perspective, they’re taking a public relations hit by the punks and thugs from Planned Parenthood and their allies.  It’s a war, a Culture War out there!

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