Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maine: Race of the Non-Conservatives

Mitt Romney2,19039.2%
Ron Paul1,99635.7%
Rick Santorum98917.7%
Newt Gingrich3496.2%

Many of the Sunday talk shows today are touting "Rick momentum Stopped Cold in Maine".

I say, what do you expect?
This is Maine for goodness sake!
Home of Rep Olympia Snowe!

I think the result show the real story. The winners are one and the same thread....Non-Conservatives.
Romney 39%, Paul 35%. That says a lot.

Santorum with just 18% is just fine for me.That just confirms for me that Santorum is still the right choice for me.

Sorry Coulter, I'm not hoping my candidate is conservative.  

Romney edges out Paul in Maine caucus contest  

Mitt Romney captured two prizes in the Republican presidential race Saturday, edging out Ron Paul in the Maine caucuses while beating Rick Santorum in a key straw poll.

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