Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Street Charade - Obama Supports.....for Votes

I don't know, I don't have a good feeling about all this 'Day of Rage', Wall Street Occupation stuff.

Kind of reminds me of the French Revolution. The call for equality to justify chaos in society. You'd think they were storming the doors of local bank as if it were the gates of the Bastille. 

This doesn't leave me with confidence in the future of our Nation.

What the heck is happening. I see so many people with their hands out expecting something for nothing. I don't know how else to explain it. I try to understand all sides, I'm sure there are those with a frustration that has to be expressed in this manner (protest) but I just see a majority that either have no intention on doing anything but complain and want whatever they can get, for free...


have given up and figure if others are doing it, they might as well join the crowd.

This is not good for America. This is not the American Spirit, nor is it Catholic Social justice, which I hear some claim. Even some clergy are marching along side this MOB

And yet we see our President looking to capitalize on it, for his own ambitions or re-election.

We are all struggling, myself included, but this is not the way.

Obama extends support for protestors
Barack Obama, US president, offered more support for protesters against the global financial system after a weekend of demonstrations in cities around the world, but called on them not to “demonise” those who worked on Wall Street.

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