Monday, December 06, 2010

Terrorist Julian Assange

This guy is a Terrorist, no doubt about it. I don't care what is said about the right to know ... no one has the right to release Classified document, whether those documents are national secrets or something like personal medical record.

Assange's final "poison pill' stunt just proves this guy need to be stopped.

Julian Assange's Poison Pill
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay.
One of the files identified this weekend by The (London) Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file -- has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia.
Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.

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  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Must chance be stopped ? It’s a fact that secrets are hard to keep. No one can stop it. Cork out of the bottle. Problem ? Just as much the printed book once was. Question: what’s next: E-Power to the people. Direct web voting democracy with a lot of transparency. Technology brings revolution, it always did. Lots of Hi-Tech even more ...