Thursday, April 15, 2010

NASA Science or Politics?

Just finished hearing our beloved President give one of his sun shine speeches. Then I was further treated to Foxnews' Shepperd Smith fawning over the wonders of Obama's brilliance.

It's like having a piece of MSNBC at the heart of the day 12:00 Noon WestCoast time, in the middle of the Foxnews programming.

It's funny to hear FNC opponents bash everyone else on Fox except Shep (as he likes to call himself). He's their bubby in the ranks.

Anyway, back to the speech. Yes it was the typical "all fluff and air" speech, full of landing on Astroids and Mars travel.

But he isn't fooling all of the experts. Experts like Astronaut Homer Hickam or Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, Gene Cernan or Dr Scott Horowitz.

Not all the expert disagree with the President though. Buzz Aldrich seems to faDll in line with the Obama and even got a call out, not surprising from the Prez in his remarks.

All in all it's more moneys to NASA but with no clear place to put it. No man-space travel. We'll be thumbing a riding with the Russians.

The 'Orion' program was mentioned but I was apart of the proposal team for this program. Our side lost the bid. But the winners don't have a good plan and mark my words, they will not perform.

So why give NASA the 6 billions dollars? I say it's going to buy votes in November.

"My administration kept the economy going in Florida" That will be the line in November.

Here's the real message: "Here's 6 billion dollars, now shut-up and vote Democrat in November"

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