Friday, April 16, 2010

1 Dad, 2 Moms = 1 Baby

Doctors in England have been experimenting with combining the DNA for multiple people, in this case one man and two women to create live embryos.

The reason they say is to create babies with less defects, designer babies per say. What erks me about this whole thing is what the lead researcher Professor Doug Turnbull says about this experiment.

"What we've done is like changing the battery on a laptop."

This doesn't sound like someone who really takes life serious despite what his stated motivation for this whole experiment is for.

Then, further down in the article he states that he had to destroy the embryo's (BABIES !) 8 in total because he really doesn't have permission to keep these embryo's alive.

The scientists would need a special licence to culture embryos for longer periods and the procedure would currently be illegal in IVF clinics.


How many more did he have to kill before he claimed victory in his laboratory?

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