Friday, January 29, 2010

Roundup: Obama's Speech

While I made it a point to listen to the speech on the drive home.... I wasn't impressed.

Certain polls taken say many thought it was very inspirational, another great performance by the President.

I think many forgot to put on their thinking caps. How about trying something new. How about listening to what the man says and seeing what he does.

Do his actions match his words. Is the President, and we should do this with anyone, telling the facts as he see it or stating the facts as they really are.

President Obama lost me on several point and I fought hard not to change the radio channel.
1. He deals with no Lobbyist ... you lost me on that one Mr. President.
2. Foreign countries can now contribute to moneys to our Elections?
3. Bipartisanship... Oh My Gosh. Let's get real.
4. Job creation. Are there enough 'Solar panel jobs to go around.' Are these going to be outsource to China too. It's cheaper.
5. Are we all destined to carry shovels with us off to work to build roads and bridges. Is he proposing bridges and roads to nowhere?

I can list several others but you (hopefully) get my point.

We all want our country to get back on track, economically, with it's leadership in the world, our education and our health care and security against those that would do us harm.

Let's not swallow the hook-line-sinker ... again.

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Many more articles out there....

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