Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pelosi - 'Free-Will Justifys Abortion'

Amp has a post on his new website HERE reporting Madame Pelosi's latest Catholic theology pronouncement.... according to the church of Pelosi of course.

In an interview with Newsweek, the second most powerful Catholic in this country said:
‘I have some concerns about the Church’s position respecting a woman’s right to choose,’ Pelosi responds. ‘I am a practicing Catholic, although they’re probably not too happy about that. But it is my faith.
‘I practically mourn this difference of opinion because I feel what I was raised to believe is consistent with what I profess, and that is that we are all endowed with a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions,’ she continues. “And that women should have that opportunity to exercise their free will.’


Amp also points out the absolute laughable errors in her thinking via Elizabeth Lev.

Pelosi's Catholic-lite construct here suggests that free will means the ability to judge what is right and wrong, with each person's conscience being the final arbiter. Coherency in her concept of Catholic teaching would mean legalizing rape and murder and allowing each person to choose and then take responsibility for his or her own actions. More than the far left liberal that many claim her to be, Pelosi seems to favor anarchy.

Nothing like starting out the year with another 'I am catholic according to my own definition' moment.

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