Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright Speech

Just heard the good reverend Wright’s speech on the way into work this morning. I know this will generate a lot of analysis from the experts. An expert I’m not, however I just can’t keep from sharing these thoughts on the speech.

1) First of all I think the resemblance in Rev Wright’s speech presentation and Senator Osama’s is like… well, father and son.

2) Every articulate, with a hint of injected points of humor. Delivered like a Dave Lettermen punch line, funny at the cost of a mischaracterization of another.

3) He referred to the “Black Theology” of his church as something “…just different”. What does that mean? Is radical Islam and the Jihadist, just different? Is the off-shoot Mormon Polygamist Cult just different? Are we expected to just accept that not discern?

4) Rev. Wright tries to trace his religion back to the time of “the Prophet Jesus”. I thought that was most peculiar. The prophet Jesus?

No, how about Our Lord and God Jesus! I don’t think that Jesus taught Black liberation theology or White liberation theology or Jewish liberation theology. Jesus came for ALL.

5) It seems to me his surface description of “everyone is equal” is not what he is preaching at all. All whites are not of the KKK. And I do believe that Blacks have come a long way from the days of slavery. I see very successful Black in all positions of life. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse places to live in America. That’s what I like most of L.A. We most certainly have our problems; however for the most part if you’re seeking a great mix of multi-culture, L.A. is the place to see it.

6) I still don’t understand how politics can be interjected in certain churches while others are threatened with IRS repercussions if the word Republican or Democrat are mentioned during the homily once too many times.

7) Was it me or was the whole speech about race?

Personally I think this going to hurt Sen. Obama. I believe it’s going to alienate those supporters that are going to feel offended about the good Reverends speech and tie it in with the Senator.

Then again this may place some artificial guilt complex which says, “I’m so ashamed of the past that I’m going to vote a certain way to make up for it”.

More thoughts later...

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