Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ben Stein: EXPELLED!

I saw the trailer on this new documentary with Ben Stein. Yes, that’s Ben Stein the former teacher turn political analyst.

(I remember first seeing him on the TV show ‘Wonder Years’…he played… you guessed it… the teacher)

The movie has been described as “Michael Moore on truth serum”.

The Documentary is about the down right hostile resistance to Intelligent Design (not Creationism). Mostly a denial of God as Creator. (yes, evolution is involved)

The trailer doesn’t look like your average documentary… it actually looks quite entertaining and the subject matter is in my opinion very important.

View the Trailer: EXPELLED

Here’s also some tech material on the subject from a couple of professors mentioned in the movie.

Intelligent Design: the Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories by Stephen C. Meyer

Carl of InsightScoop has an interview with the producer of the movie. Very interesting.

The film opens Friday, April 18th 2008 in select theaters in your area: Theater Locator

Got to see it!

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