Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tibet...Things are getting ugly

I've been following the events in Tibet and I don't have a good feeling about this. The Chinese government crack down is brutal to say the least. Now there's violence on both sides but lets face it, it's a one sided beating.

The Tibetian peoples have been battling for their independance for years and it's not going to get any easier for them.

Even with the Olympics in August, it doesn't seem the Chinese government is aiming to take care of this protest the same zeal as Tiananmen Square.

My prayers are with the Tibetians...

Paramilitary police opened fire on hundreds of monks, nuns and Tibetans who tried to march on a local government office in western China yesterday to demand the return of the Dalai Lama.

Residents of Luhuo said that a monk and a farmer appeared to have been killed and about a dozen people wounded in the latest violence in Tibetan areas of China. Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, said that one officer was killed when police confronted a “lawless mob” in Luhuo.

The demonstration began at 4pm when about 200 nuns from Woge nunnery and a similar number of monks from Jueri monastery marched towards the Luhuo Third District government office. They were joined by several hundred farmers and nomads, witnesses said.

Shouting “Long Live the Dalai Lama” and “Tibet belongs to Tibetans”, they approached the office. The paramilitary People’s Armed Police appeared and ordered the crowd to turn back. Witnesses said that shots were fired and two people appeared to have died. They identified one as Congun Dengzhu, a farmer, and the second as an unknown monk.

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