Monday, March 17, 2008

Christians at War...With Each Other!

Christians are at war!

… with each other! …I didn’t know this?!
Did massive Protestant mobs sack the Vatican?
Did Rome launch new Inquisition Trials?

OH …I get it. The MSM is at it again. Let’s make something out of nothing.

This article reminds me of the “7 deadly sins article” (see previous post). I mean, there’s some interesting points here, however calling it a war is a bit of a stretch.

Catholics celebrate Sunday’s as the day of worship because that’s when Jesus rose from the dead. Easter is always on a Friday….no….Saturday…no… one more guess.

SUNDAY! Bingo!

Okay, that being said, read on.

'Deception': Christians war over worship dayCenturies-old clash continues over disputed commandment

Two thousand years after Jesus walked the Earth, Christians are at war with each other concerning – as strange as it may sound – a day of the week mentioned in the Ten Commandments.

The issue boils down to: "When is God's Sabbath?" In other words, what is His holy day of rest?
Most Christians today think it's Sunday, when the majority of churches hold services.
But others confidently say it's Saturday, calling Sunday worship "the most flagrant error of mainstream Christianity," believing Sunday-keepers are victims of clever deception.

From Sabbath to Sunday



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