Monday, February 25, 2008

Vatican Secret Archives...Ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone

I crack up whenever I hear a report on the supposedly “Vatican’s Secret” archives. All those secrets they don’t want anyone to see. By the way they are on display and oh, scholars have always had access to them.

Secret? Ya-right…

And of course you have to mention Galileo. How can you talk about the Vatican without mentioning the Inquisition or Galileo?

Here's the story: Rome Unveils Rare Vatican Documents

ROME (Feb. 23) - If you are inquisitive about the Inquisition, a rare public glimpse of centuries-old Vatican documents will leave you wanting more. There are no heresy trial transcripts or descriptions of torture methods at a show on view in Rome and through March 16. Still, enough curiosities on display allow fascinating insights into how the Vatican once systematically tried to gain control over many aspects of life that had nothing to do with faith

Here’s the scoop on Galileo: Galileo and the Catholic Church

Here's the scoop on the Inquisition: Catholic Dossier 1996

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