Friday, February 29, 2008

Sirius, XM.... Merge or Not?

Now I've been a Sirius subscriber for quite a while now. You know, that long two hour commute to and from work thing.

Well, I recently purchased a new vehicle with a NAV unit and which has XM on it. Okay, so I thought I’d take advantage of the 3 free months offered. I thought I’d eventually switch over to my Sirius subscription by installing a converter module to the XM ready car unit.

Well, it ends up they don’t make a converter unit for the NAV unit in my new car. I’ve heard it’s coming soon but not any time soon.

Well, I’ve been hearing about this Merger between Sirius and XM for some time now.


I really don’t want to pay for both and I would prefer to have Sirius. They are pretty much the same except XM doesn’t have EWTN Catholic Radio, which is why I’d like to keep my Sirius account.

Dilemma city…

So the merger story goes on…

Static in the satellite readio market

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The stalled merger between satellite radio duo XM and Sirius has suddenly lurched into the unknown as Wall Street continues to wait for a verdict from regulators.
New York-based pay radio broadcaster Sirius took a new, mysterious turn in the ongoing takeover saga Tuesday, declaring that it will not provide any forecast for its business until the fate of the merger - which was announced nearly a year ago - is determined. That puzzling news comes as XM gets set to report its fourth quarter earnings Thursday. XM, too, is likely to leave investors hanging with no financial guidance for 2008, as well as announce mixed, slightly disappointing results.

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