Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Anne Rice Vote

Not that I really care whom she votes for. Everyone will vote his/her way according to their personal beliefs as to what they see in the next President of the United States.

What I do care about is when one professes to be Christian (Catholic) and Pro-Life and use that as a justification to vote for a 100% Pro-Death (For Abortion Candidate).

... Just doesn't make sense to me. Some where the wires got crossed.

"I'm pro-life and that's why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton"... Boy I just don't know about that one.

Okay, I know about her resent conversion to Catholicism so I can kind of (... and I'm really trying hard here) to understand she might not know about the Catholic Churches ( and all Christians should) stand on Abortion, but to go public on your "Official Website" with this.

I have heard many anti-abortion statements made by people who are not Democrats, but many of these statements do not strike me as constructive or convincing. I feel we can stop the horror of abortion. But I do not feel it can be done by rolling back Roe vs. Wade, or packing the Supreme Court with judges committed to doing this. As a student of history, I do not think that Americans will give up the legal right to abortion. Should Roe vs Wade be rolled back, Americans will pass other laws to support abortion, or they will find ways to have abortions using new legal and medical terms.

And much as I am horrified by abortion, I am not sure -- as a student of history – that Americans should give up the right to abortion.

I am also not convinced that all of those advocating anti-abortion positions in the public sphere are necessarily practical or sincere. I have not heard convincing arguments put forth by anti-abortion politicians as to how Americans could be forced to give birth to children that Americans do not want to bear. And more to the point, I have not heard convincing arguments from these anti-abortion politicians as to how we can prevent the horror of abortion right now, given the social situations we have.

Again, I believe the Democratic Party is the party that is most likely to help Americans make a transition away from the abortion crisis that we face today. Its values and its programs --- on a whole variety of issues --- most clearly reflect my values. Hillary Clinton is the candidate whom I most admire.


Will someone close to her please sit down and have a nice charitable conversation?

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