Monday, September 01, 2014

Catholic Daze

So much going on now-a-days.

Events in the Ukraine, status of the Greek Church there, the terror of ISIS in the East and the persecution of Christians as well as all others that don't agree with their terrorist ideology.

The capture of innocent children in Africa by Boka Haram.

Then closer to home the events in Ferguson, immigration and the approaching 9/11 date.

Lots for a Catholic to think about, how do we react as Catholics.

Those have been my thoughts of late and I hope and I'm not a theologian or a degree scholar with star power recognition. I'm just an ordinary Catholic like you who wants to know what The Truth is not a truth, but The Truth as taught by the Catholic Church.

I do seek to know my faith and I study it every day in some capacity or another, books, tapes, seminars (when I can afford them) and prayer, scripture ready and regular taking of the sacraments.

I'll convey my thoughts as 'A View from the Pew", short takes about the days events from a fellow Catholic sitting in the pew right beside you.

A Catholic trying to fight the good fight and stay on the path to heaven.

....that what I'll be concentrating my coming post on.

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