Monday, June 04, 2012

Father Robert Sirico - Explains The Truth of "Caring For the Poor"

Father Sirico explains the caring of the poor so clearly. He explains the relation of Government and local community, of Charity and wealth distribution.

All Catholics should listen to this and learn. The views of the secular left have tried to re-define what the teachings are of the Catholic Church and Catholic Social Teaching.

We need to learn our faith from the Catholic Church, it's Magisterium, the Church Fathers, Scripture the Encyclicals, not the New York Times or Catholic Politicians claiming to know better than the Mother Church.

Letting the Government do it all is not the Christian teaching.

Listen to the good Father and pass this one to everyone you know...Catholic and Non-Catholic alike.

Read his new book 'Defending the Free Market'

Also this on the Cultural Left's lack of ethics

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