Monday, April 09, 2012

Does Science Refute Religion?

I fully intended to attend this recent event in Pasadena California at the famous campus of Caltech on March 27th, a few weeks ago. A Bastion of intellect and home to many world renown and leading

It was raining hard here and I wasn't feeling very well so I couldn't make it. But I was excited to find it online so I thought I'd share it.

What better place to explore the argument for and against Religion than Caltech. And who better to lead the arguments for religion than Christian Apologist and president of Kings College in New York, Dinesh D'Souza.

I've watched Dinesh through many online debates and attending a lecture over at Azusa Pacific University, not far from where I live. Dinesh has a unique style of debate tactics suited well for this type of debate. He doesn't argue solely using a biblical, Bible scripture based basis. He uses the arguments used from his opponents, using not only faith but reason, which is the best way to explain the Christian and reason.

Truly in the den of lions, Dinesh teams up with MIT physicist Ian Hutchinson against CALTECH COSMOLOGIST AND PHYSICIST Sean Carroll and Skeptic magazine publisher and science historian Michael Shermer (and Atheist) to debate the merits of science claim to have disproved religion.

A wonderful debate to share with as many friends, church groups, anyone that has lost a little hope that the world is turning away from God and how our leaders are promoting this. Dinesh and Ian in my opinion shake the foundation of this Institution  and hopefully planted a few seeds of truth in the minds of these students in attendence. Not to sway them from exploring science but to open their minds to seek the truth in all they discover. It will surely lead them to God.

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