Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AP wants compensation for Artist rendition of Obama

(PHOTO: AP & Shepard Fairey...p.s. please don't sue me)

Most everyone has seen this artistic rendition of Obama (... usually on the back of a Prius).

Well it appears that the Artist, Shepard Fairey from Los Angeles, who created the colorful creation from an AP photo taken by a Mannie Garcia, is being sue by.... well the AP.

Seems the news agency want it cut of this pie from this overnight sensation image.

Should they? Did the artist change the photo enough?

Calif. artist sues AP over image of Obama

An artist who created a famous image of Barack Obama before he became president sued The Associated Press on Monday, asking a judge to find that his use of an AP photo in creating the poster did not violate copyright law.

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