Friday, November 16, 2007

Catholic - Podcast

I love to read and it seems that I've been having more and more trouble finding the time for this.
I've been listening to books on CD, on my long commute to/from home and that's been working out well.

Another remedy to this lose of reading time, are podcasts. Podcast started out hot and heavy back around 2005 with shows like Adam Curry of MTV fame as well as hundreds, of iPod downloadable shows.
Today I'm not sure just how popular podcasting still is but there are some very good ones that deserve a mention.

I found one Podcast that I'd like to pass on. One called 'Daily Breakfast' created by Father Roderick. It's not your typical catholic content podcast show or blog. Fr. Roderick adds content on many topics, including popular TV shows, movies, maybe a lead story in the news to PS3 games... whatever. He does answer a question or two on Catholic teaching when an emailer or caller asks, however most of the show is about the everyday common interest of a Catholic Priest ( in the Netherlands no less) who surprisingly ( or not so surprisingly ) has many of the same interest you and I have.

If you find yourself with less time to read, check out an episode or two. He's SQPN network is the home of many other similar podcasts. Secrets of the Lord of the Rings, Secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean & Harry Potter, the Catholic Insider, The Catholic Show, Rosary Army .... to name a few.

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  1. Daily breakfast was really a gud podcast.Thx for sharing the blog.
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