Monday, September 24, 2007

60's Hippy Movement Part II - The Sequel

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Now I was rather young during the 60’s and being youthful (elementary school thru middle school) I have a rather a different memory of those times than I do now that I’m older and wiser (some what wiser).

Some of the music that I liked came from the Beatles (...what is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds mean?), Jimi Hendrix (…what does purple haze mean?), Dillon (…what does blowing in the wind mean?). Joni Mitchell was another favorite. Lyrics like “…pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” Or “Help me I think I’m falling, in love again…” were catchy and I didn’t really pay too much attention to the lyrics. The beat was cool toying the hidden messages was kind of fun as well.

Today, with a few decades of forming my thoughts, and opinions; of living through many mistakes as well as few good decisions, and developing my faith and realizing how the latter was most important in my life’s journey; I have a keener eye on what that 60’s era was all about.

Some of it was good, a lot bad and there was a whole lot of ciaos. I’ve been noticing (as well as others who I’ve talked to) the reemergence of some aspects to this era. I’ve noticed how some are actually looking forward to this chaotic time making a come back. They make their comparisons, some truthful, some totally off base.

60’s activist and musicians from that time seem to be making good on this perception to blow off the dusty anti-war signs and speeches. And while most of them are in their 60’s and older they seem to be trying to spread some of the anti-establishment, anti-religion sentiment that today’s youth and especially many (although not all) college students seem to be eating up.

I heard it today as Ahmadinaejad was cheered and applauded on the campus of Columbia University; the President of the University (“I’d invite Hitler…) with his monologue of statements and questions that didn’t get answered. The winning smile of a ruthless dictator, madman winning over the crowd with his transparent half truths and down right lies (“…there are no Homosexuals in Iran” and “women are treated with respect in our country”).

More applause….

Joni Mitchell has come out swinging in her new album in hopes of a musical come-back. She bashes the Catholic Church (…what a surprise). Hey, it’s safe public piñata to take a swipe at. Better that than upset the wonderful Islamic State, paradise according to President Ahmadinaejad.

Last week, one of the young anti-war protesters made clear why she was protesting. “I read my history (of the 60’s) and I know what my rights are…and Pataeus is a traitor and he’s no General of ours…we’re our own general”.

Scary times.

Just some observations I’ve made that I thought I’d share….

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