Friday, September 29, 2006

Start Page

If your Start Page (The screen that comes up when you bring up your internet) is AOL, MSN, Google, Yahoo or someother secular start page, you my be aware of the many links made available that you DON'T want to go to.

While these start pages are very useful, it's not necessarily where I want to start my internet session.

You might want to consider an alternative.

Catholic Exchange is one that I use on all my computers at home. I have two PC's that my kids use all the time (assuming I log them in...they don't know the password) and a Macbook that my wife and I use, and we have this as our Start Page.

It has links to the Daily Readings, as well as the latest news and some good faith articles.

At the very minimum, it's a mental reminder to me and my children that we should be careful where we go on our internet visit.

There are many dark and dangerous avenues to avoid.....

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